Sunday, March 25, 2012

echo creative club march reveal day!

so today is the reveal day for jeannie dukic's echo creative club's march reveal. let me remind you what she sent.

i love the color, the leaves, and the gorgeous peeled paint art beads. i have no idea how she makes these. she's brilliant! go visit her store here and get some of your own!

so i'm really inspired by nature. nature is pretty much my theme. and this collection made me think of a magical forest, so i went diving in my art beads and found the perfect focal--a fairy kissed tree!

i drilled the bottom hole and added little dangly bits of nature and those beads. love those beads.

then i focused on wire wrapping various beads in my color scheme of grey, blue, cranberry, brown, and silver. i wanted the wire to be brass, and the elements silver to reflect my silver and gold focal.

i pulled in a brown diane hawkey 'harmony' bead. i thought that would be perfect for my fairy wood. and of course i had to have a bird for my forest, so i grabbed my trusty green girl studio beads and dug in them to find this soaring birdie. yay!

i love the look of steel wire, so i wrapped a couple spots of the brass with it. love that black, steely look.

at the back i did some simple stringing.

i've got mother-of-pearl, wood, labradorite, jasper, and tiger's eye back here, all on brass beadalon. i kept the clasp simple since so much is going on in this necklace.

now, go see what the rest of the team did. and don't forget to visit jeannie's store and get your hands on some of these fabulous beads!

Cindy Cima Edwards
Molly Alexander
Shannon Chomanczuk


  1. Gorgeous necklace! I really like the bead placement, flows beautifully. This is a very fun design!

  2. Hi Beth, Your necklace is gorgeous and I can just imagine a fairy woods looking at your piece, lovely job.

  3. As soft blues are one of my favorite colors I love those beads... You made a very earthy and beautiful necklace incorporating them in the nicest way !

  4. I am loving this design Miss Beth! I love the balanced asymmetry and I know that it takes great skill to pull that off and you did just that! I think that brown and blue are perfect together. So many interesting elements to look at! I have been thinking of you. Hope that you are well. Enjoy the day!

  5. I love what you did and that color blue is divine. I love the wire wrapping, the mixture of beads and styles. It is all wonderful.

  6. love that blue color and the focal is so cute. I love the necklace you made, it is such a cool mix of beads.

  7. Love the Fairy kissed tree, love how you incorporated Jeannie's beads and leaves! This necklace came together beautifully!

  8. I am amazed and how you were able to pull so many different elements into this piece and yet make it look so cohesive! Brilliant!

  9. Great job Beth. It's an interesting mix of beads and I too like the steel wire. Thanks for creating such beauty.

  10. Beth, I love the blue in the beads you started out with, and your finished piece? Gorgeous! I would never have thought to put so many different types of beads together, and you did it just beautifully! :)

  11. your finished necklace is gorgeous!! love the colors and the different textures... you did a great job!


  12. Loved this, and the story of its creation. Each and every component is pretty in its own right :)


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