Friday, March 22, 2013

i'm back!


so sorry for the long hiatus. i've been gone, and dealing with a lot of emotional stuff. as my last post indicated, right? i hope everyone is doing well! i've missed you all so much!!!

God has been teaching me that i need to not allow others' words to impact me the way they do currently. because right now i'm living with two verbally abusive people and it's *excruciating.* i need to not take what they say to heart. i'm working on it!!!

i've figured out what i'm going to be! a nail tech!!!

here's my fist attempt. my sister loves butterflies. can you tell it's supposed to be a butterfly wing? (fingers crossed!) i haven't had any of the training yet, but i wanted to see what it's like and if i can do it. i totally loved it! i know i see all that's wrong with the manicure--i'm so self critical!--but i also am willing to embrace my beginner-ness. it's my first! so i'm trying to be gentle with myself and *not judgemental.* 'trying' being the operative word here.

i'm also taking a painting class at my church. i haven't painted in about six years. i've so missed it! here's the second painting.

i did it in one session--an hour and a half. i *never* paint that fast. it felt like it just poured out of me. again, i see all that's wrong with it. but i also really love it. i think it's a spiritual self-portrait. does that sound too kooky? i don't know...

i wish you all well! may the joy of the tiny beautiful moments in your life hit you like a thunderbolt today!