Friday, July 27, 2012

soup's here!

i signed up for the lovely bead soup blog party, in it's sixth incarnation this time. it will now be an annual event, instead of several times a year. i think that was a really wise move on lori anderson's part. she puts her whole heart and soul into this project, sends us encouraging ideas and updates and does so much behind the scene's work that it's amazing. my hats off to you, miss lori, for making this such a fun event that *everybody* wants to join in. this time there are, like, 400 people in the hop! whoa! so she's broken it down into three reveals. the first is july 28th, tomorrow, the next one is august 11th, and the last, which i'm in, is on august 28th. i'm so looking forward to the party!

i finally got my bead soup from my partner, eileen snyder. it got lost in the mail, and i was afraid! so i contacted lori, and she sent me a soup, too! see what i'm saying when i say lori is AMAZING?!?! so. i will have -two- soups to play with, because my soup from eileen returned to her! and she sent it back to me. i just got it this week and here it is.

such pretties! the large purple nuggets are gorgeous amethyst. not sure what those green guys are, but the rest are glass, and metal. the focals are that butterfly and a bit of ceramic. i have absolutely zero ideas. nada. no ideas. except to say that there are several necklaces in this soup. that's all i know. must let it simmer longer. so stay tuned!