Sunday, December 27, 2009

christmas break

classes are finally over! yay! got through bazaar season relatively unscathed. we didn't do as well as we did last year, which was disappointing. christmas was great, watching my two favorite girls enjoying every minute of it.
i've been making jewelry like crazy. now that i'm not channeling my creative energy into my classes, i have extra to go into the business. hopefully we'll get our etsy store up and running in the next couple of months. without the stash sending us monthly checks, it's been a little thin around here. and farmer's market is way off in the distance.
becca is trying to justify taking metalsmithing with me next semester. it's more expensive than she expected so she's juggling it all in her head. i ****really**** hope she takes it with me. i love taking classes with her.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

here is the pumpkin i carved this year. just one, cause i ran out of money. lame-o! i looooove carving pumpkins. but the seeds! oh, the seeds! totally my favorite part of the whole thing.


here are two more of the rings i've made in metalsmithing. the clear stone is moonstone and the turquoise one is chrysacolla. i really like the chrysacolla one. the moonstone not so much. but i'm getting better! yay!

Monday, November 9, 2009

the long goodnight

there is finally snow here on the ground. sticking. the long goodnight.
winter bums me out. it's soooo dark. and soooo cold.
winter comforts me. it's like a cocoon, wrapping me in stillness and reflection.
i took this photo in june of this year. it reminds me to hold on. just hold on. something beautiful will come out soon.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


here is gidget. i took this picture this summer, when she was really sick. she had fatty liver disease, and lost about eight to ten pounds. she's all fat and sassy again, now. just throws up once and awhile and then i give her her medicine.
gidget is my cat. but in her heart, she's mama's cat. she could really care less about me, but she sleeps with mama when she's given the chance. purrs for mama, but not for me. mama says gidget is mine. gidget says different.

Monday, October 19, 2009


i love these button earrings. purpley goodness.
i've been skipping classes a lot. i've been having these terrible migraines--stress, maybe? i dunno. it's just annoying.
yesterday (sunday) i went up and worked in the pottery studio. morphed bowls. five of them. i'm not especially drawn to bowls. or maybe i'm feeling a bit annui-ish. rrrrrrrr. they had the radio on when i went in. it was on npr. i *hate* npr. talk talk talk talk talk. rrrrrrrr. music! i want music! i don't really care *what kind* of music it is, (except jazz--hate jazz) as long as it's music.
hmph. how grouchy i am! so sad.
we have flu brewing in our house. abigail threw up two nights ago, i've felt nauseous for days, and now becca is sick. it's not the swine thing, thank goodness. just some ordinary run off the mill flu stuff.
abigail still hasn't woken up and it's 12:30! poor little thing. becca's in bed, too, trying to sleep. she didn't get practically any last night. so it's just me and deborah. pretty soon i have to go to class, so i'll have to wake somebody up. maybe grammy.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

cats. and birds.

so okay. i *love* cats. i'll be the crazy old cat lady when i'm sixty. with a twist. i'll have birds, too. because i freakin' *love* birds.
is that not wierd?!?
these cat earrings are especially winsome with all the swirls.
bizarr-o random accurance two days ago. i was on campus after classes, waiting for my sister to come pick me up. i was standing in the little foyer of the art department, staring out at the little art department parking lot when random guy walks in and says, "hey, beautiful." like, eeewwww! so i slowly turn my head to give this guy a dirty look and see that he is on the phone. YAY! he asks his love for a ride and hurries out to the parking lot, head down, embarrassement oozing off of him. so, people on cell phones; watch what you say. you could accidently start a bar fight.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


this brass piece is my first ever metalsmithing project. see all the mistakes?
the next copper piece is my second one, same assignment. i love this one. i hope to make a pin out of it.
the next assignment was twins; cut out two pieces at the same time (taped together). the deers are my first attempt. i just love them. the birds are my second. i'm pleased with them, but i got the hole in the wrong spot, though. the butt is too heavy, so they hang funny. lame-o! both of them are sterling silver.


here is the painting i'm working on in advanced painting. i'm pleased with the blue figure, except for her hair. i'm really not happy with the with the other figure's face. it's kinda creepy, ya know?
the next two pictures are done. i'm pleased with this brown haired woman's eyes. i'm really interested in peoples eyes, the most. there's just something special about them.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


here is my first ever ring! soooooo cool!!!! so, okay, there are *tons* of things wrong with this piece, but oh. my. god. i made it! i love how simple it is. the thing that went the most wrong with this piece was when i *melted* it. it's made of two bands; an inside one and an outside one. jack (my teacher) soldered the inner ring to show me how to do, 'cause i'd never soldered before. and i've always been terrified of it. eeek! open flame! so jack showed me how to do it, and told me i had to do the outside one. i can do this. i can do this! so there i was, freaked out, with my acetylene torch and my fluxed ring. heating it up. heating it up. putting the solder on. heating it up. heating it..... oh, crap! it's red! it's *slumping*! turn off torch. dump ring in water. crap, crap, crap. show jack, who says, that's not that bad. advanced student says, "sandpaper it out." yay! salvagadgeable. is that a word? dunno. anyway. so i sanded it till the cows came home. which, of course, *thinned* the metal. hmmmmm... put the two rings together. stretched the inside band. compressed the outside band. soldered them together, and because i was the first one to get done, jack soldered one side of it for me, with the whole class looking on. so i had to do the other side. i can do this. i can do this. so i prepared my solder and then becca comes and says jake had a funny episode where he couldn't see out of one of his eyes. so i left, to get a ride home so becca could take jake to the er. on the way home jake refused to go to the er. i'm getting pissed off 'cause i had to leave my work in the middle of it.... jake's okay. just the wierd, random blindness virus, right? anyway, i went back up over the weekend (before the horrible esperanza concert; see next post) and soldered that puppy. i wasn't as scared of it the second time. i accomplished it! yay, me! so i don't especially *like* to solder, but i can do it. hopefully next time without melting my silver.


i absolutely adore these buttons. don't know why. i'm not all that deep into piratey stuff. i'm not even the hugest fan of skulls, but for some bizarre reason these just do it for me. maybe it's the juxtaposition of the cuteness of a button and the hardcoreness of the skull and crossbones.
i got my ipod all set up!!!!! it's name is sweet pea. it's already almost full up and i haven't loaded my cd collection, yet. hmmm. who knew 8G could fill up that fast?
i dropped my history of world art and feel soooooo much better. i'm not overwhelmed anymore! yay! i'll be kind to myself, instead of hitting myself over the head saying, "i'm not good enough, smart enough, *whatever* enough."
went to a concert saturday night for my art appreciation class. esperanza spaulding. going into it, i had no idea what the music was going to be like. it turned out to be jazz. oh, my god, i *hate* jazz with the passion of a thousand suns. i find it to be cacophonous and basically meaningless. and she skatted. i *hate* skat. it gets on my nerves the way high pitched squealing noises get on most peoples' nerves. i am sooo hopelessly european, with my love of the melody line. melody, oh, how do i love thee! i'm not saying that jazz is bad music, i'm just saying i don't like it. not my cup of tea. i found esperanza to be annoying; the concert started *30* minutes late--diva, anyone? the three other members of her group came out first, started playing, and then she sailed out. and she sang her intro. diva, anyone? anyone? her voice was strident and i couldn't understand half of what she was saying. urgh. all that aside, she is obviously a talented artist. i just happen to hate her work. sorry, esperanza. so i walked out. i just couldn't take another minute of her nails-on-the-chalkboard music. music? i use that term loosely, here.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

button earrings

love, love, love these. i started making button earrings awhile back. looked at some buttons and thought, "hey, those would make awesome earrings." so i figured out how to wire them up, added some japanese drops, and called them good. then i bought a book about using buttons in jewelry ('cause i *love* buttons) and there was my idea! almost exactly like how i did it. is that not bizarre-o? still feel smart for figuring it out on my own, though.

Friday, September 18, 2009


here is my precious nene, peeking at becca, who's taking the picture. that's me sitting there with no hair. i cut it all off for the summer.
classes are going strong. i've got so much work! and it's not the studio classes (painting, ceramics, and metalsmithing) that are the problem. it's my stupid art history. the professor seems to think her class is the only class we're taking. argh! i'm already behind.... i can do this! i can, i can, i can.

Monday, September 14, 2009

just a bit overwhelmed

here is a small sampling of my necklaces. i really like all of these. the bird's nest has a story behind it; i've been making them and stringing them on bluish-green beaded strands. like amazonite. but then this one woman asked me to make one on a cord, because she liked the pendant, but not the beads. did she come back? hell, no! i should probably just string the thing on amazonite or such.
classes are underway and i'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. so much work! i miss sitting in my chair with no pressure.
god, please give me strength to do this task set before me. i want to succeed! i just can't do this by myself.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


becca says these trees look disturbingly sentient, like the trees from lord of the rings. not that ents are disturbing.
yesterday was kinda lame. in painting, all i could think about was how it's been like, four years since i painted and how i don't know how to paint anymore. the day started lame with mom driving off after dropping me off on campus. i opened the trunk to get all my stuff for painting, started to take in the first load. and she drove off.
with the trunk gate wide open.
um. mom? mama!
and then my tummy was so hungry it hurt. i ate breakfast! i swear. on tuesday and thursday i have painting from 11:30 to 2 and metalsmithing from 2 to 4:30. somehow i forgot i have to eat lunch. so i asked my painting instructor (mike) if i could eat in class, which kes (my painting professor when i was in school before) totally did not have a problem with. mike has a problem with it. oh, man. lame.
in metalsmithing jack talked about files, sandpaper and polishing. i finished my first piece! and man is it lame. i'll have to get a picture of it up here. maybe i'll turn it into a pin and hang it on the wall so i can have proof of getting better. because i *will* get better. in polishing i got the white diamond compound all over my fingernails. lame. jack said this will just be how our fingers look from now on. lame-o.
but today will be better. i hope. i woke up at four and decided to stay up. worked on drawing for the next assignment in metalsmithing. after i'm done posting, i'll read the rest of my homework for art history. and at 9:30, becca and i will go get our tent, tables, and other stuff from farmer's market since we can't set up today. we thought about trying to, but then becca remembered abigail has a well-child checkup this morning. and i can't be sure i'll be out of ceramics in time to relieved becca to go pick up deborah at 3:30. so no more wednesday markets. lame!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


here's the little crochet hat i designed. i've made about six of them. this is the one i've got on the table right now. it's so bright and cheerful.

new technology!

i got my loan check last week and got down to some serious shopping for the upcoming semester. will be visiting prospector's for cold weather gear; hello carharts! and long johns. and heavy socks. i get sooooooo freaking cold with my thyroid out of whack that i'm worried about tromping all over campus once winter hits. i mean, i get cold enough just sitting at home.
anyway. i also bought a digital camera; a canon powershot A480. loooooove it.
and an ipod.
which i can't use. because my freaking laptop refuses to link to the internet so i can download itunes. because i have a pc. not an apple. *why* does apple have the coolest gear that won't play nice with the rest of the world?!?
it's a sexy little ipod, too. a purple nano. i swear to god i'm *not* taking the thing back to the store to get a lame little silver pc compatible mp3 player.
next semester i'm getting photoshop. can't hardly wait!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


classes start on thursday--i'm so excited and so nervous! i haven't been able to get to sleep the past three nights, i'm so unsettled. i probably won't sleep at all tomorrow night. why isn't my sleep medication knocking me out like it's supposed to do? rrrrr

Thursday, August 20, 2009

self portait

here's another self portrait i did awhile back. the colors disturb now, looking back. what was i thinking? green? i'm okay with the red and oranges. that blue ground in the back is rather nice... but *green*?!? yikes. my chin is looking a bit nubular, wouldn't you say? and what is that thing on my eye? speaking of eyes, i love how these turned out.
i was wearing overalls, lying on my belly in front of my floor length mirror--what a happy composition! i like the set up. also love how the necklace is kind of the secondary focal spot, after the eyes.
done in pastels


it's sideways. i know. i'm desperate, you see.

i managed to delete my entire file of pictures that i've been sharing. bum. mer. so i've been scrounging around for stuff to upload. i think this is why i've been so lax lately about posting. no picture, no post, right? grrrrrr....
so it's definitely fall up here in the great north. birds flying in formation. turncoats. rain. leaves turning. people asking us at farmers market when's the last day we'll be open. wearing long johns to market! long johns, i tell you. it's ridiculous. where did my lovely summer go?
i've been crocheting up a storm. i've got like five projects in the works and so many plans! i'm afraid i won't be able to do much with it after classes start. my favorite project is a granny square skirt--i need sixty squares. i've got 25 done so far. i'm not yet sick of the whole thing, which is a good thing.

Monday, August 10, 2009

the other life

i'm an australian in some deep way. the other life i could've had.

the thing is this; my parents were given a choice. alaska or australia. these opportunities were available to them after we lived in california. i was going into fourth grade, so becca and i weren't really told about the options at the time. i found out later i could've been an australian. mom was more inclined to go to australia, but we all would've had to give up our american citizenship and she wasn't too hip on that, so off to alaska we lumbered. and here i am. alaskan to the core.

but australia... it certainly is a tempting thought. who would i be if we had moved there? surely more active... skinnier? tanner? i understand that there is a bit more sexism there, as in women haven't got the same opportunities as they do in america. maybe that's false info. i don't know. i've never been, so i really can't say. i'm not even sure *where* in australia we would've gone... considering dad was a botanist/forester we probably would've lived in the bush. so we would've moved to a rather insular community that maybe didn't like newcomers. not much different than the tiny eskimo community we moved to here in alaska. maybe i would've turned out exactly the same... nature v.s. nurture, right?

the romance of another life... with no mistakes in it. *that's* what's tempting about it, really.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

mnemosyne (pronounced nee-moss-y-nee)

here is my beautiful nene. she weighs six pounds and is afraid of *everything*. she's nine years old, but acts like a kitten. i absolutely adore her. i've had four other kitties but none have been *mine* the way she is.
this is my one hundreth post! yay! so pleased with myself for keeping at it.
i got my loan notice in the mail yesterday; got it! so i'm definitely going to school! yay!!!!!! i'm so excited. totally looking forward to metalsmithing, painting, ceramics. not quite as siced about history of art, and totally dreading interrelations of music, art, and theatre. that one's a core class i've tried to take four times. sooooooo bad at doing things i dislike. naughty bethiboo.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

off with you, then

they've gone and left us.
well, only for three days.
becca, jake, and the girls have driven to denali for a camp out. i'm so jealous... but they'll be freezing their arses off while i'm in my nice cozy warm bed.
the one time i camped at denali, it rained all night. the ground was so cold i kept having to turn over to let that side of my body warm up in the air. i was not prepared for the cold. so. they go prepared with the knowledge that it's freaking cold down there.
they also have to drive through the fire; it's not actually near the road, but it *is* near nenena, which they have to drive through to get to the park. i'm gonna pray really hard that they get to see animals while they're there. the girls have seen moose, reindeer, musk ox, but no bears or caribou. keeping my fingers crossed.
i already miss them.

Friday, July 17, 2009

my pretty little flower scarf

i crocheted this little scarf/necklace yesterday and today. first i made the flowers using nicki epsteins 'crochet flowers'. the leaves came from the same book. i'd publish the pattern here, but i think i'd get in trouble with the publishers. i put the pieces together four times before i got it just right. i'm really pleased with how this came out. it only took a couple hours to make, so i'm thinking about making a couple more to see if they'd sell. i'd make one for becca, but i don't think she'd wear it. not really her style.
i'm really enjoying crochet and am glad i went ahead and taught myself.
three days ago i made this giant snowflake shrug. the pattern is on great site, by the way. i got to row 12 and couldn't figure out the directions--it's an advanced pattern and i'm really still just a beginner. i've only been crocheting for about five months. so i kind of made up the last few rows. stupid, i know. anyway, it came out looking good until i put it on. oops. not so good. so i'm going to make another one and take the directions to my local yarn shop and see if they can help me out. if not, i'm betting they'll know someone who can.
my mama is home! yay! the girls keep making her little presents and giving her long hugs. they refused to go to sleep last night until becca promised them grammy would go in and wake them when she got here, which wasn't until two in the morning. they've really, really missed her these few weeks she's been gone. actually, i think it's been a whole month. wow. at the end of june, she'll fly down to anchorage to get the battery replaced in her pacemaker. but she'll only be gone for two or three days. hopefully valette will be able to swing by the hospital to see her. ooooh, that makes me jealous. lot of that going around.
mama had so many stories to tell us that becca and she and i stayed up till after three talking. and boy, did i sleep in this morning. naughty me. mostly it was about the memorial service and renee and denise and andrea and aunt cary and all their kids. sooooo jealous. mama got to go to a dollar store in portland, so she came home bearing sweet little gifts. butterfly stickers and cards, a turquoise fish windchime for me, coloring books for the girls, spices, and silly snacks we can't get up here. fun stuff.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


i like how this one turned out, except for the lines next to her mouth. to dark.

mama comes home tonight! i'm so excited. she's been in oregon for her sister's memorial service. she got to spend a couple weeks with her brother. they are the last two of the five. and then she spent a day in portland with one of my cousins. i'm so jealous! i'm sooo miss these cousins, and i haven't seen them in about twelve years. their family is dear to me, and mama got to see andrea, denise, and renee at the memorial service for aunt corine, plus their mom, aunt cary, who is my mama's cousin. we just call her aunt cary because it's easier and more fitting to designate her as our aunt. mama got to meet most of their kids, too. sooooo jealous.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


i wrote little words all over this one. you can't really read them with this photo. stuff like memories and barrette... i like it.
i bought peonies at the farmers market last week. so beautiful! and they smelled like heaven. oh, do i love flowers. i carried them around with me until becca told me the girls were gonna knock them over. aren't i silly?
my best friend, valette, sent me the sweetest present in the mail--a beautiful multi-colored sketch book for my art classes in the fall. i'm a little afraid to use it, it's so beautiful, but i also can't wait. maybe i'll draw a picture of nene just to get me started.
have i told the story of nene's name? i don't think so. it's pronounce neenee. and her full name is mnemosyne, prounounced nee-moss-uh-nee. she's named after the greek goddess of memory, in rememberance of cassandra and baby. cassandra was the kitten becca and i got with persephone (pronounced purr-sef-uh-nee) when we lived in texas. cassie lived about three months. she was born without an immune system. we were heart broken. and baby was the tiny kitten we came upon one late, late night driving home from a party when we lived in texas. we drove past her trying to climb back up on the curb and turned around to help her up. becca placed her on the ground and i ran over and immediately picked her up. she was breathing hard, shaking. we talked and finally decided that all we could do was put her down and leave--we lived in the seminary dorms at the time and couldn't have pets. so i put her down. and she just laid there. finally i bent down to pick her up again. and she tried to run. but her little back had been broken by a passing car and her back feet dragged. by this time her mama was pacing in the distance, staring at us and her tiny baby. we decided to take her with us and call a vet and try to help her. so we apoligized to her mama and drove to the dorm. becca drove and i held baby. back at the dorm, she went upstairs to call a vet and i stayed in the lobby with baby (couldn't take her upstairs). i got paper towels to wrap her in to try to keep her warm--she was shaking, in shock. and held and talked to her. i don't remember what i said, nonsense probably. the security guard was totally sympathetic and said how glad he was that we had found her... becca was gone for about twenty minutes. finally she came down and said none of the vets would see her without at least a 100 dollar deposit. we were dead poor. but the animal shelter would put her to sleep for free. oh, dear god. we were heart broken. we wanted to save her! then becca went on to say that none of the vets thought she'd make it... so after much talk and prayer we decided to put her to sleep. by this time i knew she had fleas... and i'd fallen in love with her. so we called the shelter again and arranged to meet someone there. all this to say that nene is my reminder of two beautiful kittens, two kittens i loved with all my heart. she is the perfect reminder of these two dear ones, because i absolutely adore her. and i know baby and cassie are waiting in heaven for me, so i can be with them forever.
thank you, god, for the time i had with all the cats i've had. thank you for entrusting me with them. help me be a better steward of the treasures you give to me.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


i like the red and green against each other, but it looks a bit christmas-y. hmm
just bought doodle stitching at barnes and noble. wonderful embroidery!
i embroider, and am envisioning embroidered pendants in my jewelry.... such lovely possibilities! something to dream on....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


i like this because it's rather in your face. yes, the nose is horrible, but the eyes! the chaotic shapes of color behind her! i felt like i took a big step with this one.
it's summer. 90+. i hate being hot. but i shouldn't complain 'cause it was -60 this past winter. so i should soak this heat in like an elixer for january. what makes it worse is the smoke. there's a huge 100,000 acres fire like 50 miles away from where i sit. my sister can't breathe and we've been keeping the girls inside. of course the windows are thrown open with fans in front of them, pulling in this poisoned air. because this is alaska and houses don't have ac. over half the shops don't, either. especially the ones i go to, the little ones snugged into historic downtown houses and buildings.
as a matter of fact, i spent two hours in one of those shops this morning with deborah, my 6 year old niece, making fairies. oh the joy! there is nothing like a small room full of young girls bent over their work, crafting perfectly enchanting fairies. i was the only adult taking the class, but the teacher, jennifer, couldn't have been more gracious. and i just happen to have some of my jewelry for sale in this little adorable shop. so she recognized me and my name as a fellow artist, so that was actually kind of cool. what a lovely morning! it couldn't have gone better, unless i'd taken my sister's digital and documented the whole thing. deborah was ready to go before i was, but my sister had thoughtfully packeged up some snacks and she found some delightful dragonflies for sale to play with--i bought one for each of my nieces (at three dollars a piece it would have been a crime not to). abigail, at three, was too young to take the class, but at deborah's insistence i made one for her, as well. such a little thing, but so thoughtful, on her part. i adore these girls, even though, at times, they try my patience. as all children do.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


this is the memory of summer i cherish; windows wide open at night, fans going in all of the rooms, light in the sky all night long... yes, i live in alaska, land of the midnight sun. little song birds chirping at three in the morning, cause it's light, and that's a perfect reason to sing. the *memory* of summer is almost as intoxicating as the actual moments... love, love, love those blissful, easy days of liquid summer.

Friday, July 3, 2009

cartoons, anyone?

there is something strangely cartooney about this one. the eyes? the colors? not sure. the stupid blog is making my picture appear under the words, and it's very annoying. it started doing it like three or four posts ago and i don't like it. arrrrrr. the first thing i talk about is the picture and now that the picture is at the bottom of the post, it doesn't make sense. maybe i should save the comments till the last part of the post. rrrrrrr... not happy.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

i love this piece. blue freshwater pearls and my all time favorite swarovski crystals; fire opals. but it hasn't sold yet. hmm. too edgy? my color combination is a little in your face.

looking back

i love her eyes looking back. nose is bad. colors; yes! blue and orange. one of my favorite combos.
yesterday at farmer's market i reached a milestone.

i sold a $100 necklace!!!!! it was turquoise and coral, just beautiful. i kept the matching bracelet and wear it all the time. now it will remind me of this awesome occasion.

woot, woot!


i like this purple and sagey green combo. love how it turned out. necks a little weird, but it's okay.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

supposed to be two people in bed--their legs and one of their feet. didn't turn out so hot. oh, well. i guess i can't win them all.

i got sucked in by a mystery shopper scam last may; they sent me $4,ooo check. i was supposed to spend some of the money at a local store, report the experience and send the rest by money order to investigate that service. everybody in the house checked out the letter and said it sounded legit. cough, cough. i spent the money at the local store and went to send the money order, but when i got to the store, i realized i'd left the 3,500 at home. so i went home to get it and there was a message from my bank saying the check had bounced. thank you, god, i didn't have that money with me! so i contacted the mystery shopper company and they said they'd mail a cashier's check that day. waited two weeks. no check. called again. no answer. i called all that day, and by the end of that day, there was a message stating that number was no longer in service. ah, ha. so i called the fbi. i know. the fbi! my sister's husband told me to do it. and the guy was so nice! and understanding. yes, this was a scam. thank goodness you didn't send the money. it was a brand new scam, so it hadn't been reported yet. yay! i'm the first! uh, yeah. not so cool. anyway. i took the money and gave it to the bank. but the other five hundred was just gone. so.

now i owe the bank something like seven hundred from interest. and i can't get a checking account anywhere else without paying for this deficit. i feel so stupid! yes, it can happen to you.

little doodle

this is a little doodle i did. what a clavicle she has!
yesterday i registered for my classes and got in all but one. the one i didn't get in was advanced painting. it starts at two and my metalsmithing class ends at two, so the computer won't let me sign up for both of them without an official time conflict override. only problem is, the professor for one of the classes has to send this override in to the registrar's office. and all the professors are out for the summer. hmmm.... todd sherman, the art department head, is in for a few hours some days and the registrar's office said he might be willing to do this for me... how complicated! but i do understand them wanting the professors to okay this. if a professor is going to have a hissy fit every time i clean up my stuff a little early or arrive a little late, it's definately not going to be worth it. i would sign up for the intermediate painting class, but it's in the same room and time slot as the advanced painting. argh! i hope every thing will work out. it's the art department, right? everybody is supposed to be laid back, right? "it's all good, folks. it's not rocket science."
the core class i've signed up for is asthetic appreciation: art/drama/music. i wish i could petition out of this class. i was a theatre major for four years and have taken four music classes. and am an art major. you would think i can asthetically appreciate the arts without a whole class on the subject. but i get why it's required. think of all those science majors (this is a federally funded science university) who never spent a minute of their lives appreciating art in any of it's forms. so. there we are.
i'm thinking about minoring in eduaction or double majoring in it so that i can become an art teacher when i graduate. i've been teaching knitting, crochet, and floral design at the local craft store. and enjoying it. maybe after i get my bachelor's i could get a master's and become a professor. wow. lots to think about.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

my aunt

my dear aunt died this last week. aunt corine. i'm profoundly sad. the world feels a little lonelier without her loving me. but i know she's in a better place without pain. with two of her daughters. that has got to be wonderful. beyond words wonderful.
in lighter news, i'm going back to school in the fall. i got accepted back to my old university. my financial aid came through. yay! i'll be majoring in art, hopefully accepted into the bfa program. i have 141 credits and still about five classes left to go in my core curriculum. when i went to school before, i couldn't seem to make myself take those last few hated core classes. it's stuff like economy and anthropology and math. yucky. but i have to do them if i want a degree, and i think i want i bad enough now, nine years later, that i can do them. not sure what i want to do with the degree once i've got it, but degreed people get better jobs. so. maybe i'll try to teach art. art therapy. i don't know. right now it's just enough to be striving for it.
as far as the drawing is concerned, i'm not sure i like it. pink and turquoise are a classic combo but the drawing is just a little off. hmmm....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

asian girl

i like this one for the color combination (mustard and turquoise--who would have thought?) and the way she looks both young and old. her eyes are deliberitely different again, but i'm afraid there're too similar for it to work quite right.

15 books

i'm supposed to come up with fifteen books that made a difference to me.


1)Beauty by Robin McKinley; this was my first fantasy. up to this point i'd been reading the horrible sweet valley high series--okay, they probably weren't horrible, but after reading beauty i couldn't pick another one up without criinging

2)Teen Titans, Cloak and Dagger, X-men; comic books rocked my world in high school and junior high. 'nuff said.

3) Anne of Green Gables; i got my hot little mits on this one in sixth grade. i then commenced to mooning around, imagining i had consumption, and writing really bad prose

4)Sharon Oldes; poetry as meaningful, mind-blowing shit

5)The Key of Hed trilogy by Patricia McKillip

6)The Great Gatsby

7)Hemingway; i had, up to this point, emilated L.M. Montgomery in my own writing. just a bit too much for this day and age. but Hemingway taught me to be sparing. brilliant author, horrible man.

8)Beth Moore's bible studies--whoa. good stuff.

9)White Oleander

10)Sharon Shinn--oh, my gawd, i absolutely adore her

11) Laurel K. Hamilton; vampires and werewolves and witches, oh my!

12)Wen Spencer; love, love, love her work

13)SARK; utterly brilliant--i'd follow her anywhere

14)the harry potter series--can't wait to read what Rowling has up her sleeve for a next go at it

15)Nora Roberts' trilogies, i'm embaressed to report. it's just that her characters are so real. there are a couple series to skip, but she really is an exellent story-teller

Sunday, June 14, 2009

i did two sketches of this woman. her nose came out way too long. oh, the horror. i still like that sagey green with the red, though. nice contrasty colorage. ah, here she is with a crazy turned-up nose. hmmm. just couldn't get her quite right. and this woman is so striking. i'm disappointed i couldn't do her. at least her lips are right.

yesterday i did really well at farmer's market. yay! it's so gratifying to have people appreciate your work.

becca had a miscarriage two weeks ago. thankfully, she hadn't known she was pregnant. she was only a month along. but she really wants another baby. and i just don't know what it feels like to lose one. after the hysterectomy, thankfully, i'll never have to go through that. sometimes i wonder if i did the right thing. i just don't know. but, boy, do i like not having my period! yay for freedom!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


i woke up this morning at four. it's a farmer's market day and i know i'm gonna fade around noon, but i don't want to go back to bed, 'cause i'll not want to get up when my alarm goes off, so here i am, checking out my list of blogs that i keep up with. artists and jewelers. i just love blogs.
since it's self-portrait day, i'm a little sad i posted my self-portrait yesterday. ah, well.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

this is another self-portrait, done in pencil. kinda faint.

the thing about my drawing that i hate the most is that i make everybody prettier than they are. it's most noticable to me in my self-portraits 'cause i know i'm just not this pretty. grumble.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


i'm really pleased with this one. it's kind of faint. sorry. but i love the negative spaces! and indigo is my favorite color.

we went to farmer's market yesterday to sell our jewelry (my sister and i make jewelry and sell at farmer's market and a couple shops in town). i did well! yay! it always feels good when people like your stuff. i sold more than becca, which was astonishing, cause she *always* does better than me. maybe i'll go buy a cd in celebration. love new music.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


another shoulder! love those things...
i'm not in love with this one, but i *do* love the colors. blue and orange! yay! i did this one with pastels instead of the usual crayons. i love the way you can move the color around with pastels. once a crayon mark is down, it's *down*. kind of nice to play with a more forgiving medium.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

again, i do like shoulders. neck's too long but other than that i like it.

i'm thinking about going back to college. get a degree. so i've applied for student aid and admission. i'll know in a couple weeks if i'm accepted and whether or not i qualify for federal student aid. it really all depends if i get the financial aid. i'll study art, maybe get a BFA instead of a BA. kind of looking forward to it, so i'll be disappointed if i don't get the money.

Monday, May 25, 2009

i was playing with assymetry at this point in my drawing; eyes different sizes. i like how this one turned out, 'cause that's where you look first; those dark, irregular eyes.

it's deborah's birthday today. she's six! i'm so proud of her. looking forward to yummy cake and watching her open her presents.

becca and her little family are still talking about moving out, so i've been trying to come up with some positive benefits. 1)i'll be able to bead and craft whenever i want! 2)i'm going to move upstairs into my old room and make the basement my studio. 3)i'll have a real closet again! 4)i'll have a door! 5)mom can have the girl's room as a sewing room--maybe she'll be able to get to some of the projects she's been wanting to do. 6)no more temper tantrums from the girls.

the biggest detraction is missing the girls. i can see me going, "damn, i even miss those temper tantrums." but they're not going far, so we'll still have lots of visits. but no more late night beading sessions with becca. no more impromptue late night talks.

so even though there are several things to look forward to, i'm still bummed.