Tuesday, June 30, 2009

little doodle

this is a little doodle i did. what a clavicle she has!
yesterday i registered for my classes and got in all but one. the one i didn't get in was advanced painting. it starts at two and my metalsmithing class ends at two, so the computer won't let me sign up for both of them without an official time conflict override. only problem is, the professor for one of the classes has to send this override in to the registrar's office. and all the professors are out for the summer. hmmm.... todd sherman, the art department head, is in for a few hours some days and the registrar's office said he might be willing to do this for me... how complicated! but i do understand them wanting the professors to okay this. if a professor is going to have a hissy fit every time i clean up my stuff a little early or arrive a little late, it's definately not going to be worth it. i would sign up for the intermediate painting class, but it's in the same room and time slot as the advanced painting. argh! i hope every thing will work out. it's the art department, right? everybody is supposed to be laid back, right? "it's all good, folks. it's not rocket science."
the core class i've signed up for is asthetic appreciation: art/drama/music. i wish i could petition out of this class. i was a theatre major for four years and have taken four music classes. and am an art major. you would think i can asthetically appreciate the arts without a whole class on the subject. but i get why it's required. think of all those science majors (this is a federally funded science university) who never spent a minute of their lives appreciating art in any of it's forms. so. there we are.
i'm thinking about minoring in eduaction or double majoring in it so that i can become an art teacher when i graduate. i've been teaching knitting, crochet, and floral design at the local craft store. and enjoying it. maybe after i get my bachelor's i could get a master's and become a professor. wow. lots to think about.

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