Friday, October 5, 2007

sad again

summers over, now. so i'm getting sad again. and my wonderful weekend with valette has come and gone and she is back in anchorage. so sad. it's been a long fall, so that's been cool. no snow yet, but i *know* it's time for the long goodnight and that's just bumming me out.

we've got about six bazaars lined up for the season. we had great success at farmers market this summer, which turned out to be loads of fun. i like the culture of the market, setting up next to the same people every week and buying vegetables from the same vendors each time. i'll miss the commrederie of it over the winter. i'm looking forward to saturdays off in january, when bazaar season is over.

my cat, nene, is getting more settled with the extra people in the house. she actually let jake pet her the other day. yay!

here's an untitled poem.

in the last days of
summer, spires of spent snapdragons
rise, holding tight to their blossoms
of burnt popcorn, high above the brown
carpet of pansies in my garden. ladybugs
nestle amidst the leaves, bedding down for winter.