Saturday, March 19, 2011

i paired this kitty in the window looking at the moon pendant with oval tiger's eye and of course didn't get a photo of it before it sold. but i was so happy with how this pendant turned out! all the pierced sawing turned out really good. yay! it's hammered brass with little wire-wrapped links up top.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

the earthquake

my heart goes out to japan.

the photos are so unreal. so *horrible*.

my prayers are with you.


this is my chaoroite ring that a wear all the time. i get lots of compliments on it. but mostly people want to know what it is. because it doesn't look real, does it? but it's totally natural! out of ground, this is what chaoroite looks like. it's from russia, and it's only found in one place; the chaoro river. i love this stone, but because it's so rare it's terribly expensive. why do i always fall in love with the stinking *expensive* stuff?! i swear, i go into a store and fall in love with the costliest item. it's a sickness.