Monday, March 7, 2016

jagged beast

there is some jagged
thing inside of me, nesting
within. slumbering
now, but
at any moment
it could wake
rampaging through me,
a ravenous, broken beast.

this thing nestles within
my breast, my head, my very soul.
this blackened beast is me.

a broken-mirror image
of me, distorted into a grotesque
caricature. this Other Me
could destroy all
i've worked to create,
a paper house i've lovingly
built, lavished with beauty.

i could lose it all
in a breath.
in a change of the wind.

so i hold
my heart softly, a precious
treasure. and i
pray. i pray
the slumbering Other
never wakes.

Friday, January 8, 2016

featured painting!

i was so thrilled yesterday to hear one of my little bird paintings got featured in last night's 'brave girls club' daily newsletter of encouragement.


they call the series 'a little bird told me.'  sign up for their daily truths here! a perk of signing up for the truths is that you get to see the bird art. they always include a bird in the emails, but they aren't in the archives. you can still peek at past truths here, though.

go. check out their stuff: melody and kathy are utterly a-maz-ing!!!

love is the key by beth emery

i so love and respect the ladies over at brave girls club and am honored to be a small part of their encouraging work! thank you, ladies, ever so much.