Monday, May 25, 2009

i was playing with assymetry at this point in my drawing; eyes different sizes. i like how this one turned out, 'cause that's where you look first; those dark, irregular eyes.

it's deborah's birthday today. she's six! i'm so proud of her. looking forward to yummy cake and watching her open her presents.

becca and her little family are still talking about moving out, so i've been trying to come up with some positive benefits. 1)i'll be able to bead and craft whenever i want! 2)i'm going to move upstairs into my old room and make the basement my studio. 3)i'll have a real closet again! 4)i'll have a door! 5)mom can have the girl's room as a sewing room--maybe she'll be able to get to some of the projects she's been wanting to do. 6)no more temper tantrums from the girls.

the biggest detraction is missing the girls. i can see me going, "damn, i even miss those temper tantrums." but they're not going far, so we'll still have lots of visits. but no more late night beading sessions with becca. no more impromptue late night talks.

so even though there are several things to look forward to, i'm still bummed.

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