Saturday, May 9, 2009


i had a dream about tiger the other night. tiger was becca's first cat. we put her to sleep after a long illness--kidney failure. she refused to die, so i had to make the decision to let her go. the toughest decision i had had to make, up to that point.
the dream. she was young and svelte and full of energy. she had come back to us. we all knew that she was dead. but she wanted to be with us, so she came back. it was wonderful.
i'm one of those strange people that think our pets will be in heaven with us. when midnight died (my first cat and tiger's sister--she died of feline leukimia when she was just three) i was in fifth grade. so i asked God to please let midnight be in heaven with me. God said that would be okay. at that time i just assumed that God would let the animals that we asked Him about would be in heaven. but recently i read 'heaven' by randy alcorn and i had an epiphany. animals have spirits! when i say 'spirit', i mean that there is a part of them that is eternal. all animals will be in heaven with us silly two leggers.
this is a touchy subject for some people. all i have to say is that i asked God what was true and this is what he told me: animals have spirits and will be in heaven. yay!!!!!!

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