Tuesday, May 12, 2009

i've been reading a lot lately. new authors!

the summoning by kelley armstrong:
a troubled group of supernaturally gifted teens get locked away in a group home that is more than it looks. the main charecter can see and communicate with the dead, there is a werewolf, a witch, a half-demon... it's a fun read.

evermore by alyson noel:
a girl survives a horrible accident that takes the lives of the rest of her family. she goes to live with her aunt in sunny california. soon she meets a new guy that has more secrets than she does, and she has some whoppers; she can see the dead, see auras and read minds, all of which she got when she almost died in the accident. i really liked this one. undying love, mysterious powers, ghosts... just my cup of tea. and soon there will be another! if i remember correctly it'll come out in august of this year. yay!

where women create by somerset studios:
i absolutely love somerset studios publications. if only they came out more often! i enjoyed this one immensely. it's the studios of artists and some of their favorite tips and quotes.

vision in white by nora roberts:
yes, i know this is considered romance. i blush to admit i read her. but this is the only romance i read. and it's really good! yes, they end up together in the end, but other than that it's really not like other romances. it's all about the characters, and roberts is fabulous at creating believable, likable, interesting characters. i really liked this book. i loved the main characters and the set-up was engaging. not all of her books are fantastic, but this one was.

bruce coville:
i love bruce coville! i've just started reading him. he writes children's novels, but they are totally worth the time. i've read the first two installments of the unicorn chronicles and *loved* them. i've read almost all the magic shop books. my favorite was juliet dove, queen of love. good stuff.

there's been more, but i'll write about them next time.

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