Sunday, April 1, 2012

collective creative canape reveal day!

so i showed the soup i got from cheryl foiles a few weeks ago, and now it's april 1st, the reveal day for the ccc! i'm so excited to be a part of this little group because i love love love lori anderson's bead soup blog party, but did not make the luck of the lottery draw. so keri lee sereika organized this little group for a few of us, and here we are!

let me remind you of the soup i received from cheryl.

gorgeous, right? all that ivory and brass with a touch of red. i've not worked with ivory much, so it's exciting to push beyond my boundaries. that's what these challenges are all about. exploring unexplored territory, pushing back the edges of what we do as jewelry artists. i love pushing myself. it makes me a better designer, and that's always where i want to go.

as i was looking at my soup i realized how simple it all is. simple and clean. so i decided to go with that feeling. i love nature, and that's what this soup is all about. my dad was a botanist and a rockhound, so we spent weekends in the forests of oregon, the beaches of the pacific ocean, the deserts of california, the tundra of the far north, and the wilds of interior alaska. i'm deeply inspired by the sea, the forests, trees, animals, the sky,  the desert, weather, and all that good stuff. so this soup was perfect for me in that, and reflects what i sent cheryl. go see her blog here to see what i sent her and what she made of it!

i decided to stick with simple wire wrapping and let the focus be on the lovely cleanness of the colors. i pulled only two elements; the nest and the bird, both of which i made. i also love the look of mixed metals and so i thought i'd do all the wire wrapping in silver.

the bird is pearl polymer clay with a lovely sheen. love that clay. the eggs in the nest are freshwater pearls. the two ivory rounds are fossil coral, the red is agate, the little brown guy up there above the leaf focal to the left is a seed pod, the ring is mystery stone, and the oval up at the top is petrified wood, which was my father's favorite stone, so it's especially special to me that cheryl sent it. the rosary chain on brass are glass pearls and that gorgeous clasp was made by cheryl herself. and most special of all is the ceramic diamond by elaine ray herself, which cheryl picked up from ornamentea. cheryl lives close enough to the famous store to visit often. i'm so jealous! here's a close up of the focal.

i loved getting to be a part of this little group of intrepid explorers! and this summer everybody that wants to be a part of the original bead soup blog party should join up, because lori anderson is staggering the reveal days so it's not too overwhelming to visit them all. i'm so excited! lori is the most awesome hostess on the planet!

and don't forget to visit all the blogs in the collective creative canape. here's the list. but first go visit my partner. i can't wait to see what she's got all done. thanks so much for visiting!

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Lisa Lodge


  1. Beth, your canape is gorgeous! I love the clean, simple lines - and the organic feel of the necklace... absolutely lovely!

  2. Oh my goodness, Beth! Your necklace is so beautiful. I love all things nature, and you hit it out of the park with this one. The birds nest is to die for. Love the colors, love everything! I joined you blog. Please stop by and see my creation when you have a chance. - Lisa Lodge

  3. Love what you did with your soup. The addition of bird and the nest to the focal was an awesome touch. Beautiful piece.

  4. Beth this piece is GORGEOUS!!! I love how you used the silver as the mixed metal and the pieces you added are the perfect touch to what Cheryl sent! Beautiful work!

  5. Beautiful, I love all the details.

  6. Your necklace is wonderful, I especially love the birds nest on top of the leaf and the mixed metals. Great job!

  7. Beth, that is so pretty! I love it! I so love the wire wrapped spiral on the top left! I think your added additions make it perfect!!! I love natural stones as well, so really love this piece and how you put it together! Great job! =)

  8. Love it! I love the nature theme and you really pulled it off well!

  9. Hi Beth, I love your necklace it is beautiful. It reminds me of the revolution of a birds life.

  10. ooh... so beautiful.. such a feeling of autumn...

  11. Love the piece you created Beth - so beautifully balanced with colour and components! I would wear this style of jewellery!

  12. THis is really pretty! Everything works so well together and that one red bead really makes the whole piece!

  13. Love your necklace came out eautiful!

  14. Very nicely inspired by the birds nest and the eggs with the pearls are looking so very appropriate as eggs my God!!! Gold Charm Bracelet


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