Saturday, April 21, 2012


i've started a new job. i'm driving around a friend who lost her license due to a dwi. it's an... interesting job. it's most certainly a lesson in humility. and frustration. but this is where i'm supposed to be right now. i wonder what else i'm supposed to learn...

one nice thing about it is that i'm getting time to read and work on my jewelry. it's funny how much i love making jewelry. there's something so immediate about it. creating beauty i've always been drawn to, but creating something so intimate, so tangible, so beguiling... it's humbling to know someone will wear my creations. to know they will feel beautiful because of what my hands made... mmm. that's a smashing feeling. i'm helping someone feel beautiful! wow. that just feels *good*.

it was the new moon last night. i hope, wherever you are, you look up in the sky tonight and are inspired by that fickle creature; the moon. oh, how she inspires me! blessings on you, my friends.


  1. You're pretty awesome to be doing that for her.

  2. What a nice friend you are! And yes, the immediate satisfaction of bringing beauty into the world where it wasn't before, seeing the connection between things that others do not, that is why I cannot stop! That picture is beautiful. I am seeing it as we necklace or bracelet, how about you?
    Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. Your photo is so inspiringly beautiful and blog is amazing. Thank you for sharing. Greetings from Australia.


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