Wednesday, March 14, 2012

small break

so i'm going to be gone from the internet world for a little while. i have a big thing that i may or may not be able to talk about when i get back. i'm not trying to be mysterious, i just don't know how i'm going to feel when all is said and done. it's another bend in the road and i'm just not sure what the road is gonna look like when i get around that bend. little apprehensive, little nervous, little excited, little scared. okay. a lot scared. but i am never alone. no matter where i go. i am never alone.

i hope you will join me on march 25th for the echo creative club reveal and april 1st-ish for the collective creative canape. i have those posts scheduled, so never fear that i will miss those.

expect me the second week of april. that's when i'll be back. i'll miss you, beautiful internet world. you have taught me the beauty and depth of my fellow jewelry artists, which is a lovely thing.

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i heart you back!