Sunday, March 4, 2012

echo creative club preview for march reveal!

oh, squeee!!!

i get to play this month in jeannie dukic's echo creative club again! i'm so thrilled to show my gorgeous beads.

jeannie is a virtuoso with polymer clay. just look at those leaves! the copper-kissed beads! oooh-ahhh.

i draw most of my inspiration from nature--seas, skies, forests, deserts, animals, mountains, stones, weather... it's all grist for the mill. so i'm thinking trees... yeah. i'm thinking trees. definitely trees... i'll leave it that for now. :)

come back on the 25th for the big reveal!

please visit jeannie's website to get your hands on your very own leaves and peeled paint art beads:


  1. Vituoso, you're a hoot. Thank you Beth! You have intriqued me with your inspiration description. Looking forward to the 25th.

  2. OHHH WOW!!! I can't wait for the 25th!! It's just too far off!


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