Thursday, June 12, 2008

self-discipline, part two

i've been thinking about the self-discipline thing more and have an adendum to add.

i'm actually really self-disciplined with my jobs. i give like, 110% at work. i *overwork* my self, throw my spirit into it. and get crushed and pummeled in return. so far my job experiences have not been positive. but i'm proud of how hard i worked. so that's something cool to think about.

i was going to take a bunch of pictures of my artwork today, but it's all overcast and i want to take the pictures outside, since the pictures i think are really good that i've seen on the internet tend to be taken outside, without a flash. the photos of paintings i've taken inside tend to have a glare because i need the flash to illuminate the pictures. hmmmm.....

my best friends' dog was killed this week by a motorist. i'm so heartbroken. she was the dearest little thing, so loving and good. i'll miss her terribly. and i ache for my sweet friend. it's *so* hard, losing a pet. people don't get it. you're falling apart and they're like, jeez, it's just a dog. it's not like a family member died, they say. but they *are* a family member. dear, sweet lacey--i expect to see you in heaven. i love you, valette, and hope you will soon be able to remember her with joy instead of pain.

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