Tuesday, June 3, 2008

bad movies

we watched cloverfield. well, i watched the first forty minutes of it and was finally driven from the room with the worst migraine i've had in a while. the herky jerky camera was enough to drive my poor sister to vomit. and the movie itself. people i didn't care about. didn't mind when they died. spoiler-- and they did all die in the end. my mom and brother-in-law made it all the way through. jake hated it, mom thought it was okay, nothing great. the monster itself; was it supposed to be the kraken? what were those things falling off it? babies? friends who came along for the carnage? hmmm....
i love sci-fi and fantasy. but this was an insult to my favored genre. don't see it. it's a waste of time and you might just lose your lunch.

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