Tuesday, November 20, 2012

gleeking out

so i've been catching a few episodes of glee from the start. loved it, wanted to see more. but, see, we don't really watch tv in my house.

we have a nine year old and a seven year old who have insatiable, extraordinarily active imaginations. these are the girls who still question the motives of the toilet; will it eat me or won't it?

monsters? check. fairies? qualified check ~ older no longer believes. so sad. ghosts? check. pictures coming to life? triple check!!! appliances alive? why, yes! also alive are the stuffies, toys, furniture, and the bottle cap we found on the playground.

and the shows we want to watch just aren't appropriate for them, you know? shows like grimm.  and bones. and criminal minds. and supernatural. you see where this is going? no where good for sensitive little minds.


we *finally* started glee a few months ago. and.....

it. is. totally. brilliant.

i'm an artist; i always took art classes. i was in choir. i was a theatre major for four years. i'm like, 'these are my people!' just in more fashionable clothes.

my favorite? kurt. hands down, the heart of the show. the unsung hero? burt. kurt's dad and possibly every gay guy's dream of what they wish their dad was like.

but really i love all of them. i can't wait to hear what brittany will say next. and wait with baited breath for her to unleash her fierce moves. dance, sister! i want to slap santana silly and hug her to death. artie teaches me so much about handicapable difficulties, and boy can that boy dance. remember the mj dance video he and mike did? he's totally hot! which brings me to mike. love his struggles with the expectations placed on so many asian-american kids. tina? she finally came into focus for me when she got with mike; she's *heart.* not many people like that, just loving on everybody. blaine ~ i'm still figuring him out. heartthrob. devoted. a romantic. and he *sees* kurt. oh, how i loved when kurt sang 'blackbird' and we watched blaine fall in love him! beautiful. puck. rebel with the heart of gold and a james dean way about him. quinn. i'm not sure she knew herself until she got into yale, and then... what happens? we just watched the 'rachel and finn at the justice of the peace' episode. does she *die?* omg. rachel. seriously want to shake her, scream at her, 'the world does not revolve around you!' but her dad's *taught* her that she was, so i still get where she's coming from. finn? he's just the boy next door. will is what every teacher should be. emma is so freaking adorable i just want to hug her and tell her not to be so hard on herself. back away from the toothbrush, sweetie! and sue just needs some serious therapy/intervention.

and they just totally go for the hard stuff in the storylines. teen pregnancy, bullying, suicide, texting while driving, cyber bullying, fairness in the world (really, the lack thereof), and just so many things that our kids today deal with. it's a totally new world in those halls, and they reveal it so sensitively.

and the *music,* gosh dang it! i was a fame-watcher of yore. yes. i admit it. i'm as old as dust. i *loved* footloose. no, the first one. the mash-ups! the theme episodes! oh, so yummy. keep the music *playing!* i. am. so. with. you.

however, i'm noticing some character inconsistencies in season 3. darn it, she wouldn't have done that, i say to the non-communicative tv. i don't believe that character would say that, or do that. which is annoying, because they spent two years creating these beautiful people. different writers? same producers, i know. not sure why they're doing it. plot twists? trying to keep it interesting? the old conflicts not working? (thank you for explaining why sue is such a freak, btw, glee-writers)

what's the deal people? why you makin' me angry? here's to hoping it will return to it's former greatness.

and now, to leave you with a song. (if i can figure out how to embed ~ fingers crossed!)

glee-i feel pretty/unpretty from youtube

omg! i did it! YAY!!!

i still struggle with this one, like pretty much every other female in america. do you ever outgrow this feeling? like there's no way i'll ever be pretty enough.

so. love the show, even with the character weirdnesses. i don't think that's a word. anyway. keep it coming, glee-people! i love you!!!!

because i'm a loser, too.


  1. Loved your post right up to the last line....No Beth, you are definitely NOT a loser. You have a great deal to be happy about...family, I love mine warts and all...I know you obviously love yours. Be happy and have a great Thanksgiving my friend. (I hope its all right to refer to you as my friend, that's the way I think of you anyway.)

  2. LOVE Glee! Enjoyed your assessments.
    Love you, my sister.


i heart you back!