Thursday, October 25, 2012

october echo creative club reveal!

so this marks my fourth and final installment as part of the jeannie dukic's echo creative club. i've had so much fun being a part of the team! thanks, jeannie, for giving me this opportunity!!!

one thing i've never mentioned are jeannie's fabulous bead packets. she does these amazing paper confections on her bags that i've so enjoyed collecting. the october packet led me to me theme this month, which is halloween!

the peeled paint art beads are red and gold, perfect for halloween! so i pulled out one of my halloween theme polymer focals that i made.

i bought a strand of red rolled silk cord and thought it matched jeannie's beads perfectly. i used black waxed cotton cord, wrapped the silk with it, then strung jeannie's art beads randomly with knots. i left them loose on the cord for some movement.

on the other side i used a fallen angel brass hook and eye for the closure and a short strand of thin leather cord and another peeled paint art bead.

i'm not sure i'm entirely satisfied with the red silk dangle. what do you think?

thanks, jeannie, for letting me be a part of your team!!!

don't forget to visit the rest of us this month:

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  1. Oh, love your cat pendant - it's awesome! I like the dangle, too - but some little black beads on the ends might be nice, too. Either way I think it looks great! Your necklace really shows off Jeannie's beads nicely, too - looks like it will be fun to wear on Halloween!!

  2. I love that this piece, while thematic, is subtle and elegant so you can continue to wear it, not just as a "Hallowe'en" necklace, Beth.

  3. Very cute necklace - and so fitting to this month!
    Love your focal too!

  4. Hi Beth,
    This is so cool. I love your polymer clay pendant, it's perfect for this necklace. The black cord makes me think of spiders walking along the cord and the red gives it that little punch of color. Thank you so much for taking this journey with me this year Beth. I hope is well with you.

  5. WOW I just can't seem to understand fiber as well as others but I have to tell you I love that you can match it to the beads and I have to say I would also totally wear this necklace!!!

  6. I like the focal you created. Very apropos for the season! Enjoy the day. Erin


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