Monday, January 16, 2012

a poem

here's one i wrote last night.


the pain of losing
a dream is like the death
of a child. it's deep.
deeper and darker than the ocean.
there is nothing to
breathe, nothing to hold
onto. no one understands
your pain because,
come on, it's just
an idea. a wish. a little
light inside you
dying like a firefly kept
too long in a jar.
that's it.
just a flickering
of what might have been. but
it cuts so wide
to lose it. a jagged
hungry mouth, eating
eating your joy.
it feels like there can never
be joy inside
you again. no more
dreams. no more wishes.                                                                                                                    
no more life.
it's taken ten long
years to deal
with this pain.
but i'm getting
better. i'm moving
forward again. there is
light ahead, through
this valley of shadows
and death i see
a beginning. i feel
a spark. i am so
scared, but i must
try this path set
before me, this bend
in the road. finally,
i feel again, a little
excited, a little joy.
there is hope.
hope for something
new. a simple
dream. just a little
tiny wish this time.
nothing too big
for this

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