Wednesday, January 25, 2012

echo creative club

i am so excited to announce to you guys that i'm part of jeannie dukic's jewelry design team for this year (!). i can hardly believe my luck. so the deal is we choose our months and then choose what components we wanted to work with. then we blog about it on the given day, and today is that day! so here goes.

i wanted to focus on a winter theme, so i chose a gin blossom in blue. when it arrived in the mail, i fell in love. it was so amazingly beautiful! i love art beads! so i put on my thinking cap, and i thought of snowflakes, so i dug through my cache, looking for ice. but i didn't want just ice. i wanted *richness*. yumminess. plummyiness. so i found some black and thought of bare branches. and what are bare branches without a few cardinals? and ice, of course. i pulled it all together but i wasn't happy, so took a few things apart, added a couple things... and loved it. it's called, 'cardinals in winter.'

i used steel and bronze wire, crystals, coral, rainbow moonstone, wooden chain, and copper, chocolate, and gunmetal chain. i've been loving the look of these industrial clasps, and i found some at jo-ann's the other day in the purse making section. always look in unexpected places and you'll find the coolest things! the briolette crystal in the copper circle is a preciosa crystal. i'm a rather biased swarovski fan, but i thought i'd give preciosa a go, and am pleased with the quality.

i had so much fun with this challenge and look forward to participating in the upcoming months.

thank you so much, jeannie, for allowing me to join in the fun! i *love* your work, and highly recommend it to everyone.

now let's go visit everybody elses blog!

Cindy Cima Edwards

here is jeannie's website, so you, too, can own some of her gorgeous artwork!


  1. Beth - fantastic job! I love the way you incorporated the colors into the theme you chose, and how they work with Jeannie's Gin Blossom. I LOVE red birds, and collect them, so this design is definitely dear to my heart.


  2. Lovely necklace! The *richness* shines through!

  3. Oh - I really like how your design turned out. I love the pop of color (red's one of my fave's!!) and the 'ice' looks great and blends nicely and everything really shows off the gin blossom pendant!

  4. Exactly! what are bare branches without cardinals? Love the name of your piece. I think you achieved "richness*. yumminess. plummyiness"
    thank you for creating such beauty,

  5. I love your design process and the inspiration behind it! I also love the use of unexpected components like the industrial clasps . . . I won't be so quick to pass by that purse-making section in the future! Beautiful necklace!


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