Saturday, December 16, 2006


becca and jake were in a show last night. becca did awesome on her solo, "oh, holy night". she's so talented! i forget, living day to day with her. you know? familiarity breeds a sort of blind comfort. here's my poem for the day.

blaming you

i've got dreams lined up
on a shelf like a neat row of glass
dolls, clear and shiny in the light.
they dazzle me as i look
at them, measuring their worth.

it's easy to place the blame
on you, as if you'd sucked my will
dry like an alcoholic waiting
for the last drop of it to slip
from the bottle into his mouth.
it's too easy to say it's your
fault, that you've eaten

what i once was, what i could
have been, every part of me. but i gave
you my will, wrapped
in paper like a precious gift. i stopped
fighting. i started to believe you.
i gave it to you. and now i see my
dreams as fragile art,
brittle as tomorrow, unreachable as you.

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