Thursday, December 21, 2006

new christmas tree of lights!

follow up on 'christmas tree of death'; we went out and found a new tree that's *beautiful* (it's even pre-lit!) for only $50 at lowe's (it was 50% off, and then because it was the sample, we got an extra 10% off, as well). yay, lowe's! and less than a week to christmas, too. amazing! but i wouldn't try this at home, if i were you. start earlier! next year, maybe, we'll get the tree up the weekend after thanksgiving; that's our goal anyway...


your love flowers, a dark
rain like a distant dream, concealing
what you will not let me see.
your eyes are like that, evading, saying
what you can't seem to say. you curl

warmly against me now, but a thought
can make you fly, loose, skimming
the surface of truth. but

i am not a thief, here to kiss
away your life. keep your lies, the reflection
of yourself you let out to wander.
i will move like seaweed, anchored but
disconsolate, a heavy water for you

to brush aside. keep your inside in, your
perfect smile flickering. i should,
by now, know it means nothing.

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