Monday, December 18, 2006


my best friend just moved. eight hours away. i've been so depressed about it. the last best friend i had moved to africa, and then to papua new guinea, which, believe me, is farther than eight hours away. it sucks to get attatched to people and then lose them. my first best friend (my sister) left while i was in college to go to graduate school. seems all my friends want to do is to leave. i guess i'm just sulking.


falsely compel her to love you, so
easy to lie
lip to lip, sun hanging on to
your hair like milk,
smooth promise on your tongue,
taut heart held
just out of reach. like a candy
to want. you
pretend it's attainable.

she has no protection, no
skills to fend off your sweet
blood, your still smile.

give as much as you
can, hot
thigh to thigh trembling
hidden deep, deeper.
you look down
at her liquid eyes, see
her give you everything.

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