Saturday, December 15, 2012


have i introduced you guys to nene? (pronounced nee-nee) no? well, here she is, in all her nerve-wracked glory.

blair witch, anyone? anyone?

my teeny-tiny, itsy-bitsy, most scared-ed of scared kitties weighs in at six pounds. not even a big bag of sugar.

and, oh. my. good. golly. the world is a terrifying, horror filled place! people! other kitties! chairs! and all the bloody *noises!* like sneezing, for instance. so unexpected! so noisy! so sinister!

the real problem is that she's half blind. so all the moving about is *horrible.* and sometimes other people sit where she expects *me* to be sitting. so she jumps on these people's laps.


the horror!!!

it's just that the world (our house--she doesn't go outside) is so big and she is so small!

but i *utterly* *adore* her. she follows me around. she sleeps on me at night. she chirrups in the most beguiling manner. we have long conversations, her always answering with such devotion.

yes. i'm completely and utterly besotted with her. so tiny! so beautiful! so affectionate with me! if only she was affectionate with everyone in the family, then she would be so happy.

her full name is mnemosyne (pronounced nee-moss-y-nee). the original mnemosyne is the the greek goddess of memory, one of the titans. i named her after the two kitties becca and i lost just before i adopted nene. their name's were cassandra and baby. and also for my first kitty; midnight. midnight was also black, and died of feline leukemia when she was two and i was in fifth grade. so incredibly horrible. midnight's sister tiger belonged to becca. tiger was the perfect kitty. i still miss her.

so maybe nene is named for all our kitties; tiger, midnight, sox, persephone, cassandra, baby, and pandora. i will see all of them again in heaven one day. oh, glorious day!

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