Friday, August 24, 2012

unfortunate discovery

so i'm slowly working through a kindle book called 'blogging for readers' and we were supposed to list what our driving forces are. my top one was ***comfort***.

um, yeah.

is that not a ridiculous driving force?!? it's makes me make poor choices that only take into consideration the immediate moment, and boy have i made a --ton-- of bad, stupid choices; with my money, my time, my friends, and most importantly, my dear beloved family. i'm afraid i've hurt them so deeply over this issue that it's unforgivable. i can't believe they still love me as they do!

and i think the core issue is my relationship with God. i'm close to Him when He's comforting me, but in day to day life i just seem to let Him slide. it's just not a wise way to live! i have so far to go! it seems insurmountable. very frustrating. i just can't do it; get over this need for comfort.

i'm so broken right now, God. forgive me.

 addition--hey, edvard munch fans! (the amazing artist who painted this amazing painting) it has come to my attention that there's an awesome site on devoted to all things munch. go! visit! learn! 


  1. Miss Beth, there is nothing wrong with wanting to live out of a place of comfort. I think that everyone on this planet can relate. I know that when I am in a place that is uncomfortable all I want to do is run and hide. I can very much relate to this feeling. But knowing that God has a plan for you, that God is ever present even when you say that you have let Him slide, I know that God will never let you slide. Put your trust in that. Enjoy the day, Miss Beth. Erin

  2. Just hand it all over to God and he will guide you through.


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