Thursday, August 2, 2012


two posts ago was my 200th post! woo-hoo! missed it. sad face. oh, well. maybe i'll catch the next big anniversary and do a giveaway, or something equally exciting. that would be fun, wouldn't it?

so, recently i signed up to join a group of bloggers who are going through 'the crafter's devotional' which is sort of map or workbook or inspirational book directed toward crafters.

i just got it yesterday in the mail and dove right in. i'm so excited! it looks really good. i'll be journaling some of my experiences here, and then we're encouraged to keep a written journal of our journals and trials. i started that yesterday. that part seems pretty personal, so i'll just be sharing some of it. yesterday we kind of talked about artistic dna. how we are the only one of us that will ever be, and how if we don't express ourselves, our art will be lost. i explored how i think pretty much all of us are artists, just expressing it in different ways. some are mothers, others work in the business world creatively, some cook, others dance. it's all art. God himself is an artist; i can tell because of how creative he is with this world. he really loves artists! so embrace the fact that you, too, are an artist. and your creations are one of a kind. make art! it's also just a beautiful book. hardcover, with gorgeous art throughout. yay, books!

two days ago i signed up for the lovely erin prais-hintz new challenge; the challenge of travel. i'm totally excited! i love erin's challenges and this looks like a good one. go sign up! it's still open.


  1. Hi Miss Beth! That book looks like a good one. I completely agree that we are all artists. It makes me crazy when someone tells me they are not artistic or creative. We are called by God to be creators. Everything we do brings something else into this world that wasn't there before. I especially like the idea that if we don't make our art it will be lost with us. That is a powerful thought. Thank you for your enthusiasm and joining in the journey for the next challenge. I think that it will be great!
    Enjoy the day.

  2. Hi Beth, as a fellow Alaskan, I love the idea of travel if only through art. And Erin's comment that "We are all called by God to be creators", is exactly my...philosophy, every time someone says they are not creative, I find out what they like to do and ah ha! they are creative and don't know it. Hope you are having a summer up there, we are not having much of one down here. Happy Creating!!

  3. =) Hey sweet sister. Sounds like a good entry for today!
    I am also signed up for the travel challenge! Excited and nervous about that one.

  4. Hey Beth, Congrats on the 200th post (two posts ago) Tee Hee! This is a lovely post. I do agree if we don't express ourselves our art will be lost, even worse ourselves. Drats! I missed Erin's challenge.


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