Tuesday, June 5, 2012

june echo creative club preview

last week my june beads arrived from jeannie dukic. they are so gorgeous! and... they are my favorite color; lavender(!). there also a few pink peeled paint beads. but the majority of them are lavender. yay! here they are.

aren't they luscious? i'm so excited! and the field is so wide open that it's almost daunting. (big grin) but i'm thinking a bracelet for the pink, mixed in with some brown or grey. the accents are copper and i just love copper! for the lavender, i want to go more whimsical. maybe a green girl studios element? so many ways these little beauties could go!

and now i must show you jeannie's gorgeous packaging. all my beads have arrived in this happy way, and they've each been different. so inspiring!

run over to jeannie's website and snatch some of these up for yourself!

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  1. I love those colors (of course I would!) and her packaging ALWAYS rocks!


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