Thursday, May 31, 2012

challenge of literature blog hop

i had such a hard time choosing my piece of literature. i wanted it to be something that really spoke to me. something that had deep personal meaning for me. so i decided to do something totally different by choosing one of my own poems. i hope that's not cheating!

i wrote this poem about my sister. she's a gifted writer; a poet, playwright, and fiction writer. but while she was in graduate school, she wasn't able to write. i think she just had to choose what she had time for and extra-curricular writing got dropped. i was heartbroken about it.

so here it is.


you are a poet in the quiet
moments, a whittler of
words, slowly paring down
to the meaning of it. don't

silence your voice with the busyness,
errands and agendas of little
consequence that will
or won't get done. breathe
and it is of more importance
than anything else you've ever done.

i wanted to convey a sense of peace. to create a space to breathe in and rest. i chose sea glass in this watery tone. breathe in.

i created this focal using a piece of discarded copper from the recycling bin. i just love the patina. i added the pearl cabochon in a sterling bezel and stamped breathe. i used a fine tip brown sharpie to color the letters and my dampened finger to remove the excess, so as not to disturb the patina. then i punched two holes at the top.

i chose this patinaed circle from the recycle bin, as well. i don't know how whoever created this got the green. isn't it amazing? i left it exactly as i found it except for adding the holes to create the link.

but i also wanted to tie in the idea of busyness. that push/pull of conflicting priorities. and i happened to have in my stash this amazingly perfect clasp by earthenwood's melanie brooks. love love love her work! check it out! the little bit of tag chain is meant to represent all the items on our agendas.

and here's another view of the back of the necklace. sea glass and freshwater pearls. don't they just whisper, "breathe..."?

here it is all together. i just love how it turned out! i hope you do, too! i was excited to not have to buy a single thing for this piece. i was able to pull everything from my stash!

remember. breathe. take the time to find some space today to be at peace.

now, go visit the rest of the hop!

several people have asked what my sister thinks of the necklace. yesterday i gave it to her as a gift and she said, "thank you so much! i really wanted it but didn't want to ask you for it." so, yay!!!!

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  1. Lovely poem and such a very fitting piece. Love the combination of pretty glass, pearls and rust.. Beautiful word... We all need to do that!

  2. I don't think that's cheating at all! I love the thoughtfulness behind your inspiration but more so the necklace you created and how all the elements have meaning! Beautiful!

  3. First of all, WhERe is that recycle bin?! Those are treasures you pulled out of there! Your pendant is just perfect, it needs nothing else to convey the sense of peace and serenity you're portraying. And I did breathe in when I saw it! This is just beautiful and the sea glass adds even more to the peacefulness.

  4. I don't think that it is cheating at all to use your own poetry. It just makes the piece more uniquely yours. Besides I loved the poem and the necklace.

  5. Beautiful - that pendant is amazing!

  6. Beth - that's such a positive sentiment in these times and to capture it in this lovely tranquil piece is great. I love that it was all recycled too.

  7. This is so pretty! I think you nailed it - love the calm color, and the clasp to represent busyness.

  8. What a lovely tribute to your sister! The poem, (I don't think that's cheating at all!) and the necklace are indeed peaceful, well done.

  9. Hi Beth,
    Very touching poem to your sister. The necklace you created is just as touching. I love your design and the message it is relaying. We all need to take a moment and just breath!

  10. OH BETH!!! This may be one of my favorite pieces of all time, it is just gorgeous! I love all of the weathered metal, the "busy" clasp, the sea glass, the pearls... it is just exquisite. Bravo!!!!

  11. Becca will treasure this necklace, I'm sure. I love the beautiful sea glass along with the more earthy components. The little pearl cabachon is darling!

  12. You've definitely created a sense of peace and calm with your design and I enjoyed reading your poem.

  13. So pretty! Definitely calming! Love the colors. The pearls are beautiful. Lucky finds with the copper pieces! I love how you added the clock. Good contrast in concepts.

  14. Absolutely lovely, Miss Beth! I am delighted that you shared this poem with us. I feel that you could have been writing this for me. I feel I am pulled by the busyness that is life too often. I do need that reminder to breathe. Thank you for playing with me in this Challenge! Enjoy the day. Erin

  15. Oh its so wonderful! Simple, serene yet simultaneously detailed and intense. I really like this piece! Brava!

  16. So not cheating to use your own poem! I love the way you have captured it in your necklace too! We all need that reminder to breathe sometimes. I'd love to know what your sister thinks of the necklace too!

  17. Love the peom for your sister! I think you piece captures it beautifully! A wonderful reminder to sit for a moment and breathe! Gorgeous!

  18. I love that you used your own poem and the necklace is beautiful. So serene - love it.

  19. My sweet sister- thank you for choosing this poem, which I love. I adore the necklace and am so delighted to receive such a personal, beautiful piece.
    The only problem: What to wear with it? I think it will have to be something rather muted: white t-shirt..
    Love you!

  20. Beautiful! And I'm so glad your sister was gifted with it! How perfect!

  21. I can not walk away, I hope you do not mind if I follow your artistic journey. Every thing in your blog is amazing and you are a very specail, kind and talented lady.

  22. And amazing expression from the heart. Beautiful!


i heart you back!