Monday, August 1, 2011

so sorry

i haven't written since may, people. argh! when last we met i had fallen out of my chair at work because i was so dizzy. turns out i had a sinus infection and my thyroid was all out of whack again. that's all under control. yay!

so today i just signed up for lori anderson's bead soup party. it's my first time, so i'm totally excited. my name's on the list and everything! i'll start picking out my stuff to send as soon as i get my partner's name and check out her blog. i think i'll choose one of my metalsmithing pendants or one of my wood burned ones. can't decide.

we've been busy this summer with farmer's market, work at judies, and mondays at the cabin in pioneer park. fair is coming up. deborah is soooo excited about it. she's so cute.

i got an iphone4 with my tax return money and signed up for square so we can accept credit cards. soooo happy about that! i think our sales have gone up because of it. and i just like my phone. i've never had a cell before 'cause i hated the idea. but i love my smart phone. i can listen to pandora and check my blogs and buy stuff *anywhere*. gotta love it.

still don't have any photos of my new jewelry. it keeps selling and i wave goodbye *with no record of it*. not cool. i just don't have any time. when i'm home i'm sitting in my chair trying to recover from *summer*. but oh, how i love summer. sun! warmth! flowers!

i bought a bouquet of peonies from market on saturday and am basking in the fragrance as i write. peonies are my second favorites, after sweet peas. mmmm. flowers.

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