Monday, August 29, 2011

andrew thornton's reader challenge

aargh! i posted last night in order to get the early risers and then checked andrew's site this morning and the post wasn't there so i thought i got the date wrong so i deleted it. but i was wrong! oopsy.

but here i am, now. i had such fun with this challenge. it's my first, and i'm so glad i did it. i challenged myself to use all of the artisan-made components and something of everything else, which i managed to do. i added the leaf chain, the c-koop toggle, and the greengirls pewter bird.

i so loved the color and andrew's mystery sun component. it's very summery.

go forth and visit everybody else's blog!

Andrew Thornton
Jessica Nelson

Leslie Todd
Holly Westfall
Alice Peterson
Christine Altmiller
Cilla Watkins
Sally Russick
Beth Emery
Patty Gasparino
Jeannie Dukic
Rebecca tAnderson


  1. Beth, your necklace is beautiful, I love how you put all the different elements together. Great job for your first challenge.

  2. oh, this is a beauty! i love Love LOVE the chain of leaves. you did fantastic with your first challenge!

  3. Beautiful!!!!! I love that leaf chain which seems to give the necklace some wonderful texture. And the little bird is just darling!

  4. What a wonderful piece. I would totally wear that!

  5. I am just catching up now!!! This is lovely the bird is a beautiful addition as is the leafy chain! So many kits and so many different views. Beautiful work : )


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