Sunday, May 1, 2011

'she not only saw the light, she became the light'

i've slowly begun collecting art beads. i need to take some photos and share.

the thing is i've been reading so many jewelry blogs where the artisans use art beads.... and magazines where the published work uses art beads.... and i've actually gotten over not being willing to spend 30 or 40 dollars on a single bead. haven't gotten past the 50 mark yet, though. and with this new art bead passion has come a new style of work. *must* take photos and share. i'm all aflutter with "new", "new", "new". and farmers market opens in a week! yay! can't hardly wait. and all the snow is mostly gone. nothing green, yet, but it's coming! the geese have arrived.... sun stays up later and later and gets up earlier and earlier.... all of which means that summer (oh, blessed summer) is coming! land of the midnight sun, shine bright on me!

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  1. Oh trust me. It won't take long to get past that mark once you get going! And is that larimar? I have a HUGE hoard of it!


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