Monday, May 16, 2011


i love how this chain turned out. earthy and rustic. but it needs something. don't know what. just.... something. i'll ask becca. she's very good at figuring things out. patina? verdigris? hrmmmm......

classes are over. i'm relieved yet sad. i think this semester was my last, at least for the time being. i just haven't had enough time with the girls and that means they're just a little distant. you know the saying, "quality time"? bull-honky. it's *quantity* time that matters with kids. be there when they need a bandaid. be there for the recounting of the days events. be there. just be there.

so my big project for the summer is to set up a metalsmithing studio in the garage. i think i can do it, with the income from market combined with my job. save and scrimp. no more bead purchases. no more extravagances. big things like torches! ($350) rolling mills ($500)! it would be nice to get another foredom, so we each could have one at our benches. i've figured out what i think will work for our benches. you know the gi-normous drafting table i bought seven years ago? i was thinking i could turn it so the skinny side is to the wall and then becca could have one side and i could have the other... two benches for the price of one! i'm just worried about the height of the desk and what kind of chairs to get. both becca and i have issues with our backs/necks and so the height needs to be *right*..... all the workbenches i've seen are ($350-$500!) are enormously tall with a flat work surface on top and a sweeps drawer where i want the desk top to be... am i spoiled from the desks on campus? why yes, yes i am. wonder where they got those...

i'm excited to begin this next phase. i feel like i'm on the right path. like i'm actually where i'm supposed to be. just a-walking. where is it leading? i'm interested enough to continue.

must get photos of my new work! one of the new pieces sold on saturday, the kylie parry one, with the bird by her and the nest bead by humblebeads. and i have no photo of it! so sad. must. take. photos. this week!

oh, and the sirevaag car died. so we're all sharing the truck. argh! poor becca. taxi mom.

but i've got high hopes. go slow, bethiboo. don't get disappointed. just keep on this path and listen to the birds sing. sing. sing. sing.

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