Monday, January 15, 2007

oh, my

a week ago i got in my little head that i wanted to read odd thomas by dean koontz. no one had told me i needed to read it. it was just this sudden *need*. i couldn't go to the library, 'cause i had an overdue book that i couldn't find, so i went in search of it at the stores. finally found it at barnes and noble. read it. loved it. have strangely avoided dean koontz. don't know why. just wasn't interested. so i read the second one, forever odd, which becca got for christmas. loved it, too. when i finally found that missing library book, i ran to the library and checked out more books by him. oh, my. have i become a dean koontz fan? how embarrassing.

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  1. I like Koontz, but after a while all of his books start to be identical, so I can't read them any more. I recently finished one of the newer Stephen Kings (Cell) and it was... weird. Not as good as I had expected from him, but the premise was stupid. I also recently read Watership Down and really enjoyed it (after I got over the author treating it like a historical piece because - get over yourself; it's about rabbits). I've just started Twain's Innocents Abroad, but it's nonfiction so I'm not sure if I'll like it.


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