Friday, May 15, 2015

the art of awareness

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lori anderson is one of my favorite people that i've never met. i've so loved getting to participate a few times in her bead soup extravaganzas and i'm thrilled to be a part of this particularly special hop.

first of all, we've all been touched by someone close to us who struggles with some invisible wound. isn't that part of the human condition? we're all just struggling through this mess. but some of us seem to have been given a double, triple, or more of our share.

i struggle with depression, an eating disorder, an addictive personality. seriously, i am one hot mess, right? and this past year i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a disorder which means i'm in constant, overwhelming pain. i had spinal surgery, was almost paralyzed from the bone spurs in my neck.

but i'm getting better.

andoka desbois via deviant art

i'm beginning to see the light, even through the extraordinary pain i'm dealing with.

so i chose lavender, even though the color for fibro is purple (i like lavender better than purple!) and my word is --redeemed-- because God is redeeming me and i am working on redeeming myself.

so here's heather's gorgeous bead--

i've been doing a lot of embroidery in my work, lately. and i've been using reclaimed objects as much as possible. so i pulled out some of my reclaimed denim and a butterfly wing that i picked up at the recycle platform at our local transfer site. --just one wing, 'cause oh, my goodness, how broken i am!

then i added a key and a beaten heart. the key to it all is to go deep within and remember--i've already been redeemed.-- and the heart? beaten, broken, yet still beating.

i chose a vintage button from my stash for the closure.

the final touch are the four knots on the opposite side of the clasp. they represent the four decades of pain i've lived with fibromyalgia.

so, thanks go out to the marvelous lori anderson and the glorious heather millican. you both are utterly brilliant! thank you!

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  1. Beautiful and unique necklace.

  2. I love all the meaning in each choice you made for your necklace! The lavender bead is lovely. Your embroidery is lovely. Perfect for your word. I especially like the four knots for four decades of pain. Such a clever way to include extra meaning. I admire how your necklace takes your pain and channels it into something beautiful and hopeful.

  3. That's just beautiful, and I love the thought you put into each personal element of it!

  4. Very clever piece! Depression and fibromyalgia are a tough combination. Stay strong. sending {{{hugs}}}

  5. What a gorgeous piece! Even a "broken wing" can have incredible beauty! Loving the symbolism in this piece. This is a tough road you are on. I often think that pain and depression go hand in hand. The constant pain depresses you more because you can never seem to be the person you know you truly are. Your beautiful work is a reminder that beneath that broken wing beats a heart of great beauty and understanding.

  6. Absolutely amazing piece! Love everything about the design, color and word choice! Praying that your healing continues:)

  7. I love how you combined your bead (great color choice) into a design with so much texture.

  8. Your jewelry design is beautiful! I love the fabric and embroidery. The beaten heart and key is very touching, and very accurate to how a lot of people feel. It definitely describes the human condition. Fibro is a hard thing to cope with. Thank you for sharing your story. You are so strong, and a brilliant artisan! ♥

  9. Lovely piece, your work is just beautiful. I love the thought you put behind every element.

  10. Beautiful, creative and unique necklace. Stunning really!

  11. Great piece! I love the symbolism of the heart and the key.

  12. This is utterly exquisite, so rich with meaning and beauty. Thank you so much for sharing your story, you are an incredibly strong woman.

  13. Oh my - your piece is totally gorgeous! I love the meaning behind each object you used and love the choice of the word. Thank you for sharing your story!

  14. Wonderful that you went with a colour you love instead of a literal translation. The meaning you infused into this necklace is so special. I hope it brings you great comfort.

  15. Okay, this is Becca. I love it! Such beautiful work.

  16. What a very special necklace, very meaningful. Thank you for your post.

  17. A beautiful piece! I am sorry you have to go through all this. Your story is very touching.
    Take care and be hopeful.

  18. From one hot mess to another - don't give up, Keep trying. It never gets perfect, I don't think, but it gets better. I know you can do it <3

  19. Beautiful design, love the mixed media. Hugs

  20. Love the story and I would say you have had your share. Keep looking up and forward, that is all we can do when we suffer. Great piece too...would never thought to use it like that. Thanks for the great post.

  21. First of all -- thank you. I've been feeling really invisible and you made me feel warm. Thank you.

    I understand a lot of your struggles. I think there are actually very few people out there who don't struggle, either themselves, or someone they know and care about. The important thing is we all hold on until the bad things go on -- it's horrible to get to the end and friends are missing. But you know you will always have me and so many who have participated in this hop.

  22. I love how you can express yourself through your art! Beautiful piece! Thank you for sharing your story! Enjoy your journey!


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