Wednesday, February 18, 2015

time flies

so, okay, my dears. it's been *forever.* right? so sorry.


my little fur-baby died. oh, nene, how i miss you still!

notice her little red rimmed eye there? allergies.

she died from liver failure on memorial day, 2014. my heart broke that day. she was my shadow, my joy. she trusted me completely. there will never be another cat who will own my heart as nene did. oh, i loved her so very much.

then in september of last year i had surgery on my spine--c3 through c7 were fused (they're in the neck) and c4 and c5 got a nice plate with screws 'cause they were all wibbly-wobbly. oy! the pain. i'm finally getting some strength back, but it's supposed to take a year to get better.

i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. searching for answers there. still looking for viable treatments.

and now, for the good stuff!

i'm drawing and painting again! yay, yay, yay!

and (drumroll, please) i'm working on my YA novel again, and started a new one. so exciting to be writing again.

i've pulled back from jewelry some, just because i lost a lot of usability in my left arm before the surgery. it's slowly coming back, but there's been some permanent nerve damage and i don't have a whole bunch of fine motor skills, like i used to have. even my right arm was damaged some. so. rethinking things. hence, the delving back into drawing, painting, and writing.

and now, for the really big news:

last i left, i announced i was going to become a nail tech. and i *have.* i'm working at Sally's Salon of Style. i *love* it. yay, yay, yay!!!

we're actually in the process of moving to a new place, where i'll get my own room and get to help with the decorating. (!) my boss is *amazing* and so supportive. oh, i'm a lucky girl.

wishing you all the best. <3 p="">

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