Wednesday, September 18, 2013

summer's end

it came today; the snow.

great, white, fluffy flakes falling down from a darkened sky. ah, how i wish summer could go on forever! and maybe that's what heaven will be like. {fingers crossed}

but part of me is oh, so happy because now i can *breathe.* breathing is good, right?

in summer we just *go, go, go.*

and last saturday becca and i chose to make that our *last* saturday at market. and when we woke to a thin cover of snow this morning? sooo happy i didn't have to go sit out in the cold today!!! market's on wednesday and saturday and sunday.


now for the cold, the dark, the time of settling inside. i want this winter to be a time of renewal and turning inward. a time to fill the artistic well and to *create.* becca and i have committed to spend time on our etsy shop, which i'm actually really excited about. i want to finish my room and get the studio in working order so we don't have to steal time at the kitchen table. i want to paint every week and make jewelry every day. 

so many plans!

God, i pray you will shine your favor on my endeavors. i pray that the works of my hands will be pleasing to you. help me shine, Father God. show me the way.

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  1. SNOW? Ah Beth, please keep it up there for awhile, its just too soon for summer to be over, but..I'm afraid it is! So happy to hear the positive vibes in your post. Happy beading!!!


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