Friday, September 16, 2011

keys and birds--yummm

i love keys. there's something magical and mysterious about them. what will they unlock? will it alter my life forever? and skeleton keys are the best. just the name of them! fab-u-lous.

i don't believe i've spoken about my obsession with birds. i've mentioned my owl thing. but not the bird thing. it's hard to put into words. but birds... birds mean freedom. they stand for the soul. they are perfection. wings... i just adore wings. they are the epitomy of everything that is good and right in the world. i have a phoenix on my left breast. it was my second tattoo. it is my heart and my soul.

the shibuichi bird in this necklace is a green girl piece. you know how obsessed i am with green girl studios. the patinated chain in both pieces are miss ficklemedia, as is the toggle in the key necklace. the box clasp in the bird piece is a nina designs. the circle link is from dragonfly findings. the stones are aquamarine, crystal, agate, freshwater pearl, turquoise, peruvian opal, beach glass, gaea ceramic, and mother-of-pearl.

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  1. The turquoise chain is pretty... casual chic look!


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