Thursday, April 7, 2011

celestially obsessed

i absolutely adore the night sky. moon? oh. my. god. could it be any more *perfect*?!? stars! twinkling planets! wispy clouds skudding across a full moon...


and something a little nostalgic about it. like a memory of a haunting tune.

i have a crescent moon with a girl swinging from it and three stars tattooed on my left shoulder blade. love it, love it, love it. and a sun on my right hand. which is a daytime thing, but hey. i love the daytime sky, too. not as passionately as the night.

i make it a habit to always look up when i step outside.

i like how these earrings turned out. the moon's stone is much sparklier in person. it's a blue goldstone. the star is amber. the only problem is that they're so freaking heavy. rrrrr. but i still love them.

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