Sunday, October 17, 2010

balancing act

here's a painting i did last semester. she's got a key in one hand and her heart in the other; can she balance the key to her heart? doesn't she look off balance? i really like my concept on this one, and most of the execution. i wanted her wings to look like they're not *really* there, though, and that's not coming across. also not sure of the audience. a little flat, wouldn't you say?
yesterday was the ft wainwright bazaar. i did really well! but becca only made table, so that was disappointing. we're still thinking about doing it next year, though. all the organizing ladies were really nice and we kept getting people walking by who said, "oh, i remember you guys from farmers market!" yay! people are recognizing us! and then one of the organizing ladies (sweet, sweet dawn) bought some pieces of mine and was showing them to her friends when a lady walked up and said, "two sisters!" and dawn said, "beth is my favorite sister.", and the lady said, "the other one is my favorite." (!) is that not adorable? and wow! she recognized our jewelry! the word is getting out!

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