Sunday, August 29, 2010


here is my first order from bellas on etsy. she dips the edges of the lucite flowers in dye(!), transforming these already lovely treasures into whimsical faerie-like magic. i've already sold some of the earrings i've made with these guys. they are just soooo amazing.
i love beads!
and on that note, i am planning on going to tucson this year for the shows. so exciting! i'm pretty sure i'll be able to save enough money, if i keep $400 from every paycheck between now and the end of january. we'll see how it goes. if i don't save enough, i'll just go next year, with a giant wad of cash i've saved over the entire year. but i *really* want to go this year...
classes start soon. i'll just be taking metalsmithing, i think. i'd *really* like to take pottery, too, but i'm afraid i'll be too overwhelmed with a full-time job, metalsmithing, and two sisters.
i've started checking out fall and winter bazaars. hopefully we'll do four or five. that doesn't sound too intimidating. looks like holiday marketplace is out of the question, but we might do the ft. wainwright one. i spoke with a couple ladies who are organizing this years event and i told them about our bad experience and they said the year we tried it, all the guys were deployed and the wives were with family outside... they said this year will be *much* better, 'cause all the guys are here. soooooo... i'm willing to give it a try. we'll have to see what becca thinks.

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